Concise writing

A series of articles with tips and techniques for writing concisely while not removing any necessary information.

Most recent articles

5 tips for writing better microcontent

Microcontent is small-scale content. It usually acts as a label for content that isn’t yet visible on the screen. So it needs to work hard to communicate and connect with users. In this article, we provide 5 tips to get your microcontent into good shape.

7 Cs of quality web content

If you want to write better content for your website, intranet or blog, aim for these 7 qualities. They’re based on the classic ‘7 Cs of communication’, reworked for communicating online.

Don’t make me read (useless words)

If you’ve ever watched people read online, you’ll know they often don’t read closely. Most people scan-read a lot of the time. In our usability studies, they tell us they skim because they just want the information they need. They can’t be bothered with the rest.