A series of articles looking at issues that affect the ways people find information online. Includes tips on writing page titles, metadata and link text. Covers search and other ways people try to find information.

Most recent articles

3 useful tools for web writers

One of the great things about the Internet is the range of tools and information now available—often for free. Here are 3 free tools I recommend. They’re simple to use. And they’ll help you write better content for your organisation’s website, intranet or blog.

5 tips for writing better microcontent

Microcontent is small-scale content. It usually acts as a label for content that isn’t yet visible on the screen. So it needs to work hard to communicate and connect with users. In this article, we provide 5 tips to get your microcontent into good shape.

A-Z of better web writing

If you want to write better web content, here’s an A-Z that should help. It covers attributes of quality content and other issues web writers should be aware of.

Don’t let your CMS wreck your content – part 1

Content management systems (CMS) make publishing and managing web content easier. But some systems have limiting features, or are set up in ways that aren’t helpful. In this article, we look at page titles and CMS behaviour to watch out for.

Writing for the web versus print

Good writing is good writing, regardless of the medium. So what makes writing for the web different to writing for print? In this article, we discuss one key difference—technical knowledge.

The trouble with page titles

Writing good page titles is challenging. With only 60-70 characters we have to do so much: good SEO and labelling for search results, bookmarks and other browser tools. The real trouble with page titles is that we don’t give them enough attention.