A series of articles on planning before writing content. Tackles the problems that stem from short time-lines and the use of non-professional writers within large organisations.

Most recent articles

User story cards for web writers

Do you or your colleagues have problems knowing where to start when writing for your organisation’s website? Or do you find it hard dealing with different opinions about what you should write or who you’re writing it for? User story cards can help. They’re an easy way to do a little planning to help guide your writing.

7 Cs of quality web content

If you want to write better content for your website, intranet or blog, aim for these 7 qualities. They’re based on the classic ‘7 Cs of communication’, reworked for communicating online.

Getting the planning process right

Web writers sometimes say there’s no point planning content for a web page. They say content approvers made so many changes that any planning time would just be wasted. Sounds reasonable, except there’s a flaw in the logic.

Know your purpose before you start writing

I’ve been reviewing and editing a lot of web content lately, produced by staff who are not professional writers. Lack of planning has been a key problem. This results in content that lacks a focus or clear purpose.