Our t-shirt designs are available in a range of sizes, styles and colours for men and women, from CafePress.

Planning content (haiku)

Light t-shirts (planning content) – Dark t-shirts (planning content)

The t-shirt reads:

What your users want
Carefully planned to answer
Their questions, not yours!
#webwriting #haiku by @HaikugirlOz

Perfect partners (haiku)

Light t-shirts (perfect partners) – Dark t-shirts (perfect partners)

The t-shirt reads:

Like perfect partners
My image and its ALT text
Complete each other
#webwriting #ally #haiku by @MrOwka18

Not a filing cabinet (haiku)

Light t-shirts (not a filing cabinet) – Dark t-shirts (not a filing cabinet)

The t-shirt reads:

Your website is not
A huge filing cabinet
Don’t treat it as one!
#webwriting #haiku by @Writing4Web

No one wants to read (haiku)

Light t-shirts (no one wants to read) – Dark t-shirts (no one wants to read)

The t-shirt reads:

No one wants to read
Your jargon, your acronyms
Your looong sentences
#webwriting #haiku by @Writing4Web

Information overload (quotation)

Light t-shirts (information overload) – Dark t-shirts (information overload)

The t-shirt reads:

“The web is like the Trojan Horse of information overload. It promised information nirvana and delivered overload hell.” Gerry McGovern and Rob Norton, Content Critical

Don’t publish (quotation)

Light t-shirts (don’t publish) – Dark t-shirts (don’t publish)

The t-shirt reads:

“Don’t publish content just because you have it. Only publish content that is relevant.” Gerry McGovern and Rob Norton, Content Critical