Profile: Dey Alexander

Dey is a digital content specialist. She developed and maintains our training courses. She delivers our public workshops and in-house training in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart.

She has been working on web projects for almost 30 years. Dey’s first foray into the digital world was in 1989 when she ran a bulletin board system called Euphoria. Her first digital content project was Philosophy in Cyberspace. Published on gopher in 1991, and on the web in 1993, it was also published in two print editions.

Starting out as a developer, Dey’s focus soon shifted from making websites to making them work well. She led a small user experience design team at Monash University in the early 2000s.  Since 2006, Dey’s work has focused on digital content.  She’s a big fan of simplicity, inclusive design and plain language.

Dey is co-founder of the Web Accessibility Network for Australian Universities, and a member of the Information Architecture Institute, the Computer-Human Interaction Special Interest Group and Plain Language Association International.