Our articles cover a range of topics on writing for the web. Accessibility is a common focus because not a lot is written on the topic from a writer’s point of view.

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Don’t make me read (useless words)

If you’ve ever watched people read online, you’ll know they often don’t read closely. Most people scan-read a lot of the time. They just want the information they need. They can’t be bothered with the rest.

The trouble with page titles

Writing good page titles seems challenging with only 60-70 characters to use. But the real trouble with page titles is we don’t give them enough attention.

Getting the planning process right

Web writers sometimes say there’s no point planning content. Content approvers make so many changes that planning time is wasted. Sounds reasonable, except there’s a flaw in the logic.

Content still king? Not in WCAG 2.0

The new accessibility guidelines are disappointing. They do little to foster quality content. They seem weaker on content standards than the earlier version.

Don’t publish online just because you can

Publishing content online is fast, cheap and easy. That’s one of the great things about the web, but also one of its downsides. Many websites heave and groan under the weight of too much low value content. Sadly, their users do too.

Two words that need to go under

Should I blame journalists for the overuse of these two awful words: ‘undertake’ and ‘undergo’? They’re in news headlines and TV news stories every day. But they’re also lurking on the web. Here’s how to avoid using them in your online content.