We had a haiku poetry lover tweeting haiku during one of writing workshops. She inspired us to write some too.

Our haiku

Too many long words / Even longer sentences / Turn web readers off

Chunk into topics / Then label with clear headings / Help the scan reader

To click on a link / And get the answer straight up / That's great web content!

Graphics need ALT text / So everyone can access / Your content online

Label links clearly / 'Click here', 'read more', 'this web page' / They're just too opaque

Clear, direct language / Jargon-free, no acronyms / Makes reading easy

Online, less is more / Less clutter, less verbiage / Get straight to the point

Your website is not / A huge filing cabinet / Don't treat it as one!

Do you plan, then write? / Or is your online content / Rushed and unfocused?

On the web, waffle / Is a waste of time and space / Be direct, concise.

No one wants to read / Your jargon, your acronyms / Your long sentences

Does your CMS / Frustrate content governance / With complex workflows?

You use PDF / To help your users — never / To save yourself time

Captioned video / Benefits beyond #a11y / Quiet use at work

Key words are not just / For search engines. They attract / Users' attention

Choose words carefully / Prefer short, familiar words / People understand

Don't assume you should / Write like your colleagues. Check your / Web writing style guide

Tempted to publish / PDF? Stop. Consider / What's best for users

Does your page title / Label your content well for / Search? Social linking?

Mark up your headings / With heading tags that reflect / The content structure

Use dot points to make / Important points visible / Else just use commas

Are your headings like / Signposts, showing what's ahead / Helping your users?

Tag table headers / So screen reader users can / Make sense of data

Your haiku

Haiku from @HaikuGirlOz

What your users want / Carefully planned to answer / Their questions — not yours!

Haiku from by @Mr0wka18

Poorly written text / A lost opportunity / To communicate

Are your web pages / Full of jargon your readers / May not understand?

Like names of places / Links point to destinations / Where is this place called 'More'?

Links should be helpful / Be thoughtful when you write them / So they don't confuse

Such clever headings! / But are they full of meaning / Just as they should be?

It's impossible / To quickly scan web pages / Without good headings

As soon as you claim / To 'leverage' and 'win-win' / I just stop reading

Like a perfect pair / My image and its ALT text / Complete each other