Cartoons: text version

This is the text description of our cartoons sketched by Bruce Ryan.

See the graphical version.

Using PDF online

The long wait

The cartoon shows a very weary-looking man slumped at his computer; a cobweb being woven in the background.

The caption says: “Waiting for the PDF to download”

The frustration

The cartoon shows a man grimacing and throttling his computer monitor.

The caption says: “Why did I have to download such a huge PDF when all that I needed to know was in one tiny paragraph?”

The easy solution

The cartoon shows a woman sitting at her desk surrounded by archive boxes full of documents. She holds her hands in a air in a gesture of defeat as she explains the situation to a male colleague.

The caption says: “Why PDF? Because I’ve got to get all these online before the end of the week”.

Content strategy

The glossary

The cartoon shows a man with a goggle-eyed look staring at an enormous pile of papers (higher than his head) on a desk. The woman beside him is ticking off things on her checklist.

The caption reads: “Just checking off all the entries in our new glossary. Once we get this online our users can stop complaining that they don’t understand us.”

The content audit

The cartoon shows a doctor looking despondently at a man seated beside him. The man has a dazed, incoherent look on his face.  His female colleague is explaining the situation.

The caption reads: “He was hired to audit the content on our website. We found him in a catatonic state at his desk.”

Trend setters

The cartoon shows a man and woman discussing ideas while looking at a laptop screen.

The caption reads: “What we need is something interactive and engaging. How about a video of the Minister explaining the new policy?”

The frequently asked questions

The cartoon shows a woman standing with arms folded, in a slightly demanding pose. Her male staff member is looking quizzically at his computer.

The caption reads: “How can I write the FAQs when users haven’t even seen the application, let alone asked any questions about it?”

Content strategy?

The cartoon shows a woman with a pile of boxes all around her desk, and her arms slightly raised in a gesture that indicates her work is a cinch.  A man has poked his head up from behind the pile of boxes.  She’s responding to his question about content strategy.

The caption reads: “Content strategy? We don’t need one of those. We just PDF everything and upload it to our website.”