Good content doesn’t happen by accident. Often it’s hard work. We can work with you to help you set and achieve your content goals.

Content strategy

Is your content out of control? Are you publishing more than you can manage? Is it hard to identify who owns parts of the content? Does content quality vary across the site?

We can work with you to identify issues that affect the quality of your online content. We help you articulate your core content strategy, and then work towards improving content governance (decision-making, standards), workflow (roles, processes), structure (information architecture, meta data) and substance (messages, topics, content types).

We’re also happy to help you build a strategy in stages, prioritising work and timetabling it to suit your budget and resources.

Information architecture

Is the content on your site well structured, categorised and labelled?  Or do users struggle to find what they are looking for?

We can help you organise and structure your website to make it easier for users to understand and navigate. Using card sorting, tree testing, focus groups or usability testing, we can help you identify problems and find solutions.

We can also help you develop guidelines for metadata, folder structures and folder and file naming. This helps you maintain your information architecture. And it makes your content more discoverable by search engines.

Content testing

Can your users understand what you’ve written? Does your content answer their questions or help them complete their tasks? Is anything missing?

We can test your content using methods such as usability testing, cloze testing and readability testing.  We can help you understand the results so you can improve your content

Writing and editing

Is your content clear and concise, or complex and wordy? Does it look dense and overwhelming?  Are your staff experts in their own areas, but not expert writers?

We can help you create content that looks inviting, is easy to read, meets accessibility guidelines, and works well on screens of all sizes.

Or we can run training for your staff. See our web writing training courses.