Solutions: avoiding nominalisations exercises

Our suggestions for solving the exercises on avoiding nominalised verbs.

Exercise 1

  1. Act
  2. Consider
  3. Decide
  4. Discuss
  5. Investigate
  6. Move
  7. Apply
  8. Pay
  9. React
  10. Refuse

Exercise 2

  1. Application
  2. Approval
  3. Arrival
  4. Submission
  5. Complaints

Exercise 3

  1. You must accept the offer before you can enrol at XYZ University.
  2. You can apply for and renew your export license online.
  3. To solve the problem, change the regulations.
  4. The web team leader edited the new pages.
  5. Melbourne residents used 164 litres of water per person per day.

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