Solutions: personal pronouns exercises

Our suggestions for solving the exercises on personal pronouns.

Exercise 1

  1. We, you, your
  2. None
  3. Our
  4. Your, our
  5. None

Exercise 2

  1. The Memorial's
  2. ABC University, students, their
  3. Australians, their
  4. Telco Co.
  5. The department

Exercise 3

  1. We have released a far-reaching framework for development in the city and want to hear your views on what we propose.
  2. You cannot get special consideration if you missed an exam by misreading the timetable.
  3. Because we have closed book stacks, you cannot browse the shelves. Use the catalogue to find and order what you need and we will deliver your material to the reading room.
  4. We are committed to consulting with you about important projects and initiatives. There are many ways you can have your say. For example, you can join committees, comment on exhibition items or attend Community Forums.
  5. Our scholarships offer much more than coaching and facilities. If you join the Energy family you will become part of a unique community of people with diverse interests who learn, train, celebrate and excel together.

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