Concise writing exercises

Make your content concise by cutting words that are not necessary. Keep all the necessary detail, but watch out for wordy writing.

Exercise 1

Replace the following with a single word.

  • A large number of
  • Despite the fact that
  • Personal opinion
  • Each and every
  • Has the opportunity to
  • End result
  • At this point in time
  • Compare and contrast
  • At an early time
  • In a case in which

Exercise 2

Circle the unnecessary words in the following sentences.

  1. The creditor must first establish that the debtor is undoubtedly bankrupt.
  2. Our main role is to raise money by way of donations in order to fund the works of these charities.
  3. Professor Smith was picked by each and every person on the committee.
  4. As a matter of fact, Pleasantville has a strong position in the forestry industry.
  5. The student needs to obtain high marks in science in order to study medicine.
  6. The manager will, insofar as is possible, make sure that the information is true and accurate.
  7. We will send out brochures to the general public.
  8. You must be willing to challenge yourself in order to get the most out of your education at university.

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Exercise 3

Make the following sentences more concise without removing any information.

  1. We are working hard so the poor are given the basic essentials to lift themselves out of poverty.
  2. Students should make contact with us for help with their future plans prior to the start of semester.
  3. It is apparent that the tragedy could have been avoided if the company had talked to workers regarding hazards which existed in the workplace.
  4. The total population of the island is 12,046 with the future possibility of 5% growth by 2012.
  5. A commerce graduate can leverage knowledge they have acquired in their coursework and apply it to the real world.

Exercise 4

Make the following paragraphs more concise without removing any information.

  1. As of 4 August, students will be selected using processes which have been created in accordance with legal requirements. These processes will be used along with our diversity strategy and all of its relevant policies about student selection.
  2. The Passport Office is replacing free of charge until the dates specified any current passport lost, damaged or destroyed as a result of the recent floods. Eligible applicants should contact the Passport Information Service (PIS) on 998 9988 for further information.
  3. If an agency or organisation breaches the privacy principles, our office may investigate the matter. Individuals can also make a privacy complaint to us about an agency or organisation if they think their information has been mishandled.
  4. Aid Agency works to bring immediate assistance to people whose lives have been devastated by natural disasters and conflict. Through our work we provide emergency relief in the initial stages of the disaster, and we also provide continued support to affected communities as they rebuild and rehabilitate towards a sustainable future.

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