Short sentences exercises

Shorter sentences are easier to read. Aim for an average sentence length between 15-20 words. Avoid sentences longer than 30-35 words.

Exercise 1

Where could you split the following to make them shorter sentences?

  1. Any deviation of these requirements contained within the DCP will require a Development Application to be lodged with Council, accompanied with an Acoustic Report prepared by a suitably qualified and experienced acoustic consultant.
  2. Through your studies and the industry experience available in many of our courses, you’ll be consistently aware of new developments within your chosen field, and you’ll make great professional contacts to help you build your career.
  3. A true business grade service, the service can be used to help build your IP WAN or virtual private network (VPN) to provide your staff with remote access to central office sites.
  4. Fridge Buyback started in August 2006 and in two phases to July 2007 collected, degassed and recycled more than 3,650 fridges, resulting in estimated residential greenhouse emission reductions of over 33,000 tonnes CO2e, approximately 329,000 kilograms of metals recycled and electricity bill savings for participants of over $4.6 million.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the decision made, you can refer this matter to Financial Ombudsman Service Limited, an independent and impartial body established to hear and endeavour to resolve complaints by the insuring public.

Exercise 2

Rewrite the following into shorter sentences. Then see if you can make them even shorter by improving the language.

  1. As this advice has been prepared without considering your objectives, financial situation or needs, you should, before acting on the advice, consider its appropriateness to your circumstances.
  2. Our equipment finance options give you access to the latest technology without requiring a large outlay, while our vehicle finance plans take the pain out of managing corporate fleets.
  3. In order to help identify and deliver productivity improvements to our customers, ABC Telco has commissioned the first detailed independent body of research on productivity among leading Australian business and government organisations.
  4. XYZ University offers students from TAFE and other institutions the opportunity to fast-track their undergraduate degree, giving them credit for successful or partial completion of a Diploma or Advanced Diploma.
  5. As your drink driving lawyer, we will advise you whether the blood alcohol concentration reading was accurate, whether time limits were observed, whether your case could be defended or the seriousness reduced for example from high range to mid range or mid range to low range, and discuss the consequences of being a disqualified driver, suspended driver or cancelled driver.

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