Solutions: everyday words exercises

Our suggestions for solving the exercises on everyday words.

Exercise 1

The common, everyday words were:

  • aim
  • change
  • enough
  • main
  • start

Exercise 2

Uncommon word Replace with
acquire get, buy
approximately about, around
constrain limit, hold back
methodology method, way
mitigate reduce, lessen
administer run, manage, give

Exercise 3

The uncommon words are in bold.

  1. Government in Australia is secular.
  2. Young children can become entangled in curtain and blind cords.
  3. The objective of the newsletters is to facilitate communication between the Local Diabetes Service Development projects.
  4. The Graduate School of Business offers a suite of business programs.
  5. You need to demonstrate that you have knowledge equivalent to the subjects specified below.

Exercise 4

You could rewrite the sentences as follows:

  1. In 2003 the Parliament made important changes to the Local Government Act 1989.
  2. If your English skills are below our standard, you may need to take one of our remedial English courses while you study for your degree. If you do not, we may withdraw your offer.
  3. We will collect bins from businesses. If you need extra bins, you should arrange a commercial bin service.
  4. If you lose your pet, we can read its microchip to find your contact details and return it safely to you.
  5. Check the Daily List for the building you need to go to.

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