Everyday words exercises

Using everyday words will make your content easier to read and understand.

Avoid jargon, specialist terms and shortened forms (such as acronyms), unless you know your target audience will be familiar with them. Use a short word instead of a long one.

Exercise 1

Circle the common, everyday words in the following list.

  • administer
  • aim
  • change
  • competency
  • enough
  • main
  • procure
  • reflect
  • start
  • subsequent

Exercise 2

Circle the uncommon words in the following list. Suggest common, everyday words to replace them.

  • acquire
  • agree
  • approximately
  • before
  • constrain
  • methodology
  • mitigate
  • name
  • search
  • staff
  • administer

Exercise 3

Circle the uncommon words in the in the following sentences.

  1. Government in Australia is secular.
  2. Young children can become entangled in curtain and blind cords.
  3. The objective of the newsletters is to facilitate communication between the Local Diabetes Service Development projects.
  4. The Graduate School of Business offers a suite of business programs.
  5. You need to demonstrate that you have knowledge equivalent to the subjects specified below.

Exercise 4

Rewrite the following sentences using common, everyday words.

  1. In 2003 the Parliament made fundamental and extensive amendments to the Local Government Act 1989.
  2. An applicant whose English language skills are found to be below the necessary standard may be required to undertake a remedial language couse conducted in the University concurrently with their undergraduate course, or may have their provisional offer withdrawn.
  3. Commercial premises are permitted to participate in the kerbside collection service. For additional bin requirements, the business is to liaise with a commercial contractor directly to organise.
  4. If your pet becomes lost the microchip implanted in the animal enables easy identification and provides relevant contact details to ensure the safe return of your animal.
  5. You will need to verify which building you are to attend through the Daily List.

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