Team and business training

Upskill your content team with the knowledge and tools to write and manage great web content

Bring your content team together to help them to understand how to create user-centric and accessible content or to pause and discuss content scenarios that they encounter in their work. Our expert trainer can help resolve issues or suggest new ways of managing content.

Based on our popular Writing for the web course, this option includes customised before and after examples, activities and take-home exercises.

We use content from your website as examples and teach you how to speak to your audience.

We can add, tweak or drop topics according to participants’ needs and skills. Sessions are scheduled according to your needs and calendars.

This option is popular with teams embarking on digital transformation projects to:

  • introduce topic authors to writing for the web
  • help managers understand digital formats, users and compliance
  • make sure content creators are producing findable, scannable, readable, accessible content.

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